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Senior Copywriter / Creative Director / Marketing Coordinator / Envelope Pusher / Dynamic Thinker / Proofreader / Account Liaison / New Business Leader

GREAT ADVERTISING: shifts cultures, destroys stereotypes, enacts legislation, spawns revolutions. It rebuilds economies, raises bottom lines and even changes the way employees feel about what they do and who they work for. There really isn't anything advertising can't do. I have the good fortune to have worked with some of the best and learned lots.

About Me

Some Facts

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    Fluent in Spanish. Si, es la verdad!

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    "People don't read ads. They read what interests them and sometimes that's an ad." — Howard Gossage

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    Over 2 decades of experience.

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    "Good advertising creates jobs. Great advertising builds factories." — Luke Sullivan


  • Copywriting

    TV, Digital, Online, Campaign Development, etc.

    Just throwing product points at people often alienates them. Your advertising and other marketing materials ought to connect with your target audience, and be cohesive. Each piece should solve a problem, or accomplish a goal in an entertaining way.

  • Content Manager

    Websites, Social Media, Blogs, Brochures, etc.

    You probably have a lot to say about your product, service or brand. People remember in broad strokes. Compelling content that leaves consumers asking for more is one goal. Some people wonder if advertising is effective? Some is. To better answer that, think about the way you feel about two similar companies: Nike and adidas. How we feel about each brand and their products has been influenced by the messages they've paid billions of dollars for us to see, hear and feel.

  • Creative Direction

    Leadership, Presentations, Client Liaison, etc.

    Whether they're big projects like international advertising campaigns or something smaller like developing a tagline for a local business—the Creative Director's job is to see that all communique is on point. Everything needs to be awesome!